Eco-build approaching and other news…

Hi guys.

Our aim in this task was to create a Nottingham shipping shelter, a Fleeting Retreat, celebrating the minimal use of recyclable shipping pallets to create structure. Over the past few weeks we have been working flat out developing our design from the virtual into reality. We have used upwards of 200 Pallets to construct our Fleeting Retreat Pavilion. Each pallet measures 1200mm x 800mm making them very suitable to carry. With this in mind the initial construction took around 5 hours with our team sorting problems out as they were raised. We were committed however in bringing this time down and creating a construction plan to work out every detail. To date we have reconstructed the pavilion 5 times. Each time we have modified the design to accommodate a greater level of comfort and build-ability. With the support of peers and tutors we have been able to finally conclude this part of the story.
Our exhibition at Ecobuild is only a week away and we are now focusing on the seating and final finish of the Fleeting Retreat. We hope you can join us on our maiden voyage in Ecobuild 2012.

See you there…

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